1.1 The minimum Guest stay is 3 nights.

1.2 Guest reservations can only be confirmed on receipt of a deposit payment of one
week’s occupancy (or full payment if occupancy is less than a week) for each
apartment at the time of booking. Deposit payments can be accepted by cash, debit
or credit card. Bank transfers are accepted only by prior agreement. The balance
outstanding must be settled at time of arrival and before apartment keys are handed

1.3 For long term guest reservations of over one month, a deposit payment equal to the
first Month’s occupancy must be paid at the time of booking. The guest will be asked
to pay the next month’s rental or balance payment on the due date one month after
check in.

1.4 Firm dates of arrival and departure must be stated at time of booking. Every effort
will be made to accommodate guests who have a requirement to extend their stay
but no guarantee can be given.

1.5 We will endeavour at all times to supply the Apartment that has been booked.
However, for reasons beyond our control, we may have to change the apartment
booked before guest arrival. We reserve the right to do so, but if this is necessary we
will always offer guest accommodation of an equal or higher standard than the
accommodation booked. Any change to the accommodation booked will be at no
extra cost to the guest.

1.6 If a deposit payment is not confirmed at the time of booking, or it is subsequently

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel the booking with immediate effect.

1.7 VAT payment is is charged at 20% for the first 28 days of booking, then an additional
3.5% VAT is charged for stay more than 28 days. Charges applicable to all bookings.


2.1 A notice of cancellation must be received in writing, by email or letter.

2.2 If a notice of cancellation is received at any time up to 4 weeks before the date of
arrival, the deposit will be refunded with a cancellation charge of -15%.

2.3 If less than 4 weeks’ notice of cancellation is given prior to the date of arrival, no
refund of the deposit paid can be given.


3.1 Guests and their booking agents are required to supply full details about the time of
arrival when booking accommodation. It is company policy to operate a ‘meet &
greet’ service for all guests and this cannot be undertaken if full arrival details are not
supplied at time of booking, or at least one week before the arrival date. We will not
be responsible if guests are unable to gain immediate access to their apartment if this
information is not supplied.

3.2 Apartments are not available for occupation until 15.00PM on the date of
arrival/check-in. Early arrival/check-in may be arranged for an additional charge but
this cannot guaranteed.

3.3 Arrivals after 24.00PM are not permitted.
We reserve the right to add a late arrival surcharge for guests arriving after 18.00PM.
In this case, a guest surcharge of £100.00 (Inc. VAT) will be added to accommodation

3.4 All guests and apartment occupiers are required to provide passport or identity
documents that are valid for the duration of the occupancy on arrival at reception. If
any guest is unable to provide this information, we reserve the right to deny entry to
the apartment that has been booked and the booking will be cancelled.

3.5 On arrival, guests are required to supply details of a valid credit card which will be
held on our files during the guest stay as security against unpaid apartment or
occupancy charges. If any apartment or occupancy charges remain outstanding after
departure, guests will be informed about these charges in writing by letter or email
before they are processed. We will use the credit card details supplied by the guest at
check in to settle these charges.

3.6 An inventory of the apartment and its contents is kept inside each apartment. Guests
will find the inventory on the dining table. Guests are reminded that they have an
obligation to check the inventory on arrival and report any issues they may have to
the Reception Office.


4.1 Guests will be provided with two sets of keys to their apartment. An additional set can
be provided on request. It is the responsibility of all guests and occupiers to ensure
that they are in possession of these keys at all times and that all keys are returned at
the end of the guest stay. An additional charge will be made for lost keys of £50.00. If
we are required to provide access due to lost or forgotten keys outside of office hours
a further charge of £50.00 will be made.

4.2 A safe deposit box is provided in every apartment. Guests are strongly advised to use
this for cash, jewellery and valuables. Heritage Apartments cannot be held responsible
for loss or damage to guest’s personal effects, cash or valuables howsoever arising.

4.3 Guests and Occupiers are expected to keep their apartment, its furniture, fittings and
soft furnishings in the same condition as found on arrival/check in. If on departure it
is found that specialist cleaning or repairs to the apartment are required, we reserve
the right to apply specialist cleaning or repair charges as found to be necessary. The
minimum specialist cleaning or repair charge is £100.00. Charges will be applied
using the credit card details supplied at the time of guest arrival/check in.

4.4 A telephone is provided in each apartment for guest use. Guests are responsible for
all telephone call charges incurred during their stay. Local calls are charged at a rate
of £0.80p per minute plus VAT. International calls and calls to mobile telephones vary
in price.

4.5 Smoking is not permitted in any apartment or on stairs, hallways or corridors in any
part of buildings. This policy complies with the UK law with regard to smoking inside
the apartment or premises and it is strictly enforced. Guests found to be smoking
inside their apartment could have their stay terminated and be required to leave.


5.1 Apartments must be vacated by 10.00AM on day of departure. Guests are asked to
return all sets of keys to the Reception Office. If the Reception Office is closed, keys
may be left on the dining table in the apartment and the front door to the apartment
firmly closed on exit. Late departure/check-out is only available by prior arrangement
and cannot be guaranteed.

5.2 The inventory of the apartment will be checked shortly after guest departure and any
damages, breakages or items found to be missing from the apartment inventory will
be assessed and charged to the guest using the credit card details supplied at the
time of arrival/check in.

5.3 Guests are asked to visit the Reception Office before departure to settle their phone
bills. Early morning departures before 09:00AM or departures outside of office hours
are kindly requested to visit the Reception Office the day before to settle their
Account. Unpaid telephone bills will be charged to the credit card, details as supplied
at the guest arrival/check in.


In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your
accommodation, please notify the Reception Office as soon as possible and we will
aim to resolve the issue immediately. If you are still dissatisfied with the service,
please write to The Company Secretary, Heritage Apartments 3-8 Regent House,
Carburton Street, London W1W5AJ

These Terms and Conditions govern our contract with all guests and apartment occupiers. They are subject to UK Law. We reserve the right to vary or alter them without prior notice.

All Rights Reserved

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Heritage Apartments